University of Bristol Composites experts call for partners on World IP Day

University of Bristol academics have developed technology to sense if sports equipment such as mountain bikes, skateboards or fishing rods are reaching overload. The team is currently working with a number of industrial end-users and the university is calling for sales and manufacturing partners on World Intellectual Property Day. Please get in touch!

This is a family of novel, strip-like sensors based on a glass and carbon hybrid composite. The sensors easily attach to different parts of a structure to provide a simple and reliable indication of when critical loading conditions have been reached or surpassed.

The sensor can cover all or part of a structure and report on a range of conditions such as strain overload, fatigue or impact. Each sensor is thin, lightweight, modular and easy to attach, and doesn’t need a power supply or electronics to operate.

The innovation has broad potential application in the sports industry, as well as in other industries where detecting an overload condition is important.

A great video presenting this technology in action is available here:

More information can be found on our website – scroll down to composite sensors.